Welcome to Koshys

We live in an ever changing dynamic world and the challenge is to keep up with this continuous flux. Our aim is to help the younger generation improve their understanding of higher education and raise their aspirations.

Koshys institute of management studies is one of the premier institute for management & IT in the country located in Bangalore. Established in the year 2003, and today the campus development plan has reshaped the college's estate enabling us to continue to deliver quality education programs.

Why Koshys?

We have excellent lecturers and our teaching has a well-earned reputation for quality and relevance. We recognize that you and / or employer are making an important investment. Our staffs are knowledgeable in tune and approachable. Many use their own research to inform their teaching. Our university has close relationships with many professional institutions and businesses. This enables us to provide courses which are not only relevant to industry today, but are also highly sought after by students and their prospective employers.

At Koshys you will benefit from modern facilities from smart high –tech teaching & class rooms with electronic white boards and projectors to sophisticated video- conferencing rooms, Wi-Fi internet access throughout the institution, seminar halls and huge number of labs ,well-equipped laboratories for science students and the hi-tech community spaces provide a stimulating atmosphere that nurtures fresh thinking.